My Article By Diana King 1-19-2019

       Backup Can be a Time saver

I thought I had lost all the content of my website, so I pondered about how to bring daily blog USA back to its former glory. Then it dawned on me I made a backup copy of my website right after Christmas maybe it will take so I tried it and, halleluiah the skies parted, and the angels sang my website was back up and fully functional again. So, lesson learned if you don’t want to lose everything you need to make backups of your website.

Now I can’t take all the credit because if it wasn’t for the all in one WP Migration Tool, I would not have been able to successfully save my website so if I had to suggest anyone plugin for a WordPress site that is a defiant need for any WordPress site it is the WP Migration tool. Now every time I update, I make sure to back up my site as well.

Diana King

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