My Articles By Diana King 12-25-2018

The Holiday out to eat experience at Golden Corral

Today my family and I went out to eat at golden corral for our holiday meal but during our planning of making sure our meal went off without a hitch I called the restaurant and asked them about their menu and the lady that I talked to sounded annoyed that I was even asking questions, then when I asked about holiday pricing she told me “it’s the same as any other day ” which was wrong and she did not have the common courtesy to tell me that the restaurant closes at 4 pm today . We got there at 3:30pm so luckily, we got to have our meal the food was good and the server we had was nice. I told one of the staff about the phone conversation and they did apologize but it was obvious to me that I was not the only one that thought they were open longer then 4pm they failed on advertising there holiday hours which was apparent when a family with 2 small children was turned away just a little after 4pm where that poor family is going to go to have their holiday meal is unknown especially on Christmas day in Brooksville Fl so lesson learned if you decide to eat out for the holidays you need to contact the manager and find out what time they close on your own because apparently, golden corral has no clue as to how to properly advertise their holiday times so everyone knows and nobody goes without a holiday meal.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

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