My Daily Blog 12-18-2018

The Christmas season is upon us , are you ready for it . well I know I am. I have gotten every one there gifts and Im getting some booze so i can make my favorite holiday  drink . peppermint white russian , Yumm..

But seriously go sparingly on that  booze no one wants to deal with a drunk on Christmas day  so if you are thinking about drinking know your limit and try not to go over too buzzed . and please this should go without saying don’t drink and drive that’s not a Christmas present anyone wants and driving buzzed is still not ok.

are you excited about the coming new year and its untold stories. I am, if this past year is any indicator that we never truly know what we have in store for us than I don’t know what is.

At the begining of this year i was still running my wn buissiness cleaning houses but it was a dying business and i was struggling barely  getting by the i  placed my resume on and got the attention of my current employer it took me almost two weeks to get hired on but i was so happy  to get the job and after being there for 7 months i have decided that i will retire from this company i have never had a job that i enjoyed more. so when you are making those New years resolutions leave a little space open for the unknown because you never know what will come your way. , 

I wish each and every one of my readers a safe and happy holiday season , and a blessed New Year.

By : Diana King


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